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Monday, October 23, 2017

Attribute Changer

If you are a person that search in Google for:code source gestion stock c #, projet c # open source, code project c #, c # project, code source c #, source code c # sql server or even c # project ideas...You are in the right place, We Coding For You is a library that contains a lot of free software projects source code free for you with a direct download link and support.All this in order to facilitate the learning of programming languages, but now look at the project of today and some information about it.

Project Info :

Project Name Attribte Changer
Project Type Windows Form
Project Difficulty Medium

Project Description :

with another free software source code in csharp programming with a new c# project example named Attribute Changer that can give you right to change any FileAttributes : set file as Archive, Compressed, Hidden and also change FileName between Upper Case & LowerCase and also Modify Creation Time, Last Access Time, Last Write Time. and all that to learn csharp language step by step and fast for beginner,intermediate and profesional,so we publish this csharp project with source code for free and just for you *_*

Project ScreenShots :

Attribute Changer Source Code

Project Download :

Download Attribute Changer Source Code For Free

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